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The new adult and junior play equipment has been installed on the playing fields. Opens in a new window
Instructions on how to use are located on each piece of equipment.  The equipment was funded by “Awards for All” – Please look after and enjoy.

Smart Meters – Warm Home Discount and other energy schemes to help communities all over the UK:

https://selectra.co.uk/energy/guides/schemes Opens in a new window – our directory of both government and supplier-based help with energy bills and home energy improvements.

https://selectra.co.uk/energy/guides/schemes/warm-home-discount-scheme Opens in a new window – a concise summary with a concise explanation, eligibility requirements and contact details regarding the Warm Home Discount.

https://selectra.co.uk/energy/news/warm-home-discount-scam Opens in a new window – An in-depth look at the government fuel poverty policies, their successes, and shortcomings as well as details of how individual energy providers are administering the scheme.

Woodland Glade Walk

Worlaby is a village in the beautiful western Wolds of North Lincolnshire. The Parish Council maintains this website to allow citizens greater visibility of, and opportunity to get involved in, the many projects affecting the village.

Pond at the entrance to the Woodland Glade

‘Cleo’ in the Woodland Glade

Woodland Glade path

Worlaby Women's Institute

About the WI

Meetings are held at 7.15pm on the 2nd Monday of each month in the Village Hall. Ring Maureen on 01652 618142 for more details.

The Women’s Institute (WI) was formed in 1915 to revitalise rural communities and encourage women to become more involved in producing food during the First World War. Since then the organisation’s aims have broadened and the WI is now the largest voluntary women’s organisation in the UK. The WI will celebrate its centenary in 2015 and currently has 212,526 members in around 6,600 WIs.

The WI plays a unique role in providing women with educational opportunities and the chance to build new skills, to take part in a wide variety of activities and to campaign on issues that matter to them and their communities.

Worlaby WI began in 1926, and 88 years later we have a small, but strong membership who meet every month to enjoy a wide variety of speakers and activities and the friendship of other members.


Liz Stephens. Liz lives here in Worlaby, with her husband, Nick and son James. Both Liz and Nick are opticians, Liz being in charge of their Barton Branch.

Humberside Federation

As well as our normal monthly meetings, we often join with our local federation to enjoy excellent demonstrations and speakers. We also have the chance to explore further afield and In July, several of us will be at Lincoln University’s Forensic Science Laboratory

In October a tour of the Assay Office in Sheffield will be a fascinating insight into the hallmarking of precious metals – the oldest form of consumer protection.

Denman College

Further afield still is our wonderful WI Denman College, near Abingdon in Oxfordshire. Here in a beautiful country house we can stay for a few days and immerse ourselves in a wide range of cookery, craft and lifestyle courses – from ebay or tai chi for beginners, to the fashion of 40s Blitz to 50s Glitz. Pop ‘denman college courses’ into google to see the amazing range of choices on offer. Contact Maureen Rickwood for more details on 01652 618142

Thursday Group

A brief Introduction to the Thursday Group.

Thursday group is exactly what it suggests. We are a group of ladies, approximately twenty, who meet on the third Thursday of each month. Our aim is to enjoy a relaxing evening out in good company.

During the summer our meetings are usually outdoor related concluding with a meal out in a local pub. The winter commits us to our village hall, where we have enjoyed a variety of activities including craft nights, speakers and fun nights of our own making.

Please call Gill on 01652 618321 or email worly.birds@yahoo.co.uk for further details.

19th May 2016 – Gill Odlin handing over £600 to the M.S. Society in Scunthorpe after a concert in the village hall.
Lis Owen and Mo Orr are in the photo as they are members of the choir and also in the Thursday Group.

The Green Team

The Green Team – A Bit About the Green Team

Back in early 2008 observations and recommendations were being discussed between Mr. Andrew Fillingham, the local Council and people with professional knowledge, regarding alterations to The Hollows and the Woodland Glade in the hope that these areas could be made more easily available for the benefit of the community and improvement of the areas in general.

Over the following months much correspondence was generated and meetings took place with the final being what we have at present time – something we hope all villagers and visitors alike can enjoy.

Obviously all these improvements did not come about on their own and much work and hard labour was invested by too many people to be listed here. Many hours of discussion and hospitable ete a tets took place on Wednesday mornings mainly when, with spades and forks busily beavering away, the whole world was put to right only to be the same old mess the next day.!! This group of helpers was eventualy called the Green Team – a title we rather enjoy, and when the village decided to enter the Best Kept Village competition, the team stepped forwardto assist where they could making flower beds and generally making the village such, as to gain second place. This has only whetted our appetites and we now have first place in view for this year. We have a lovely stream with a mill wheel to sit and relax on, a wood full of flowers and an elegant statue with the more “wild” area in the Hollows where one can sit on a rustic seat and enjoy the peace and quiet of this wonderful area. Pathhs are suitable for wheelchair users and the origianal ideas have come to fruition. Anyone with a spade, fork or a hoe and a couple of hours “spare” time would be most welcome by our group. We do not meet every week but try to keep an eye on “jobs to be done” and work necessary. If anyone is interested in joining us, contact the Clerk for further details. The Green Team are also most grateful for the help and enthusiasm from the local school children and staff. They make a valuable contribution to our efforts with tubs of flowers around the pond and we hope this work will ensure that the children, when adults, will appreciate the beautiful countryside around them and help to take care of it.

September 2018 – Members of the Green Team carry out a litter pick around the village.

April 2018 – A few members of the team carrying out the spring clean on the children’s play area at the Pleasure Ground.

June 2016 – A few members of the Green Team doing their bit for the weekends Royal celebrations.

November 2015 – The Green Team members were surprised and delighted to be the recipients of a special award for improving the local environment. A certificate and a £25 garden voucher were presented at the CPRE Best Kept Village presentation evening on 21st September 2015.

Members of the Green Team hot-footed it to Brigg Garden Centre and over coffee and cakes made the decision – daffodil bulbs for the edge of the Pleasure Ground path and hyacinth bulbs for the little garden in front of the War Memorial were chosen. These have now been planted.

If you are at a loose end on Wednesday morning at 9.30am, come along to the flag pole with a few tools – there is always something to do.

By the way, Worlaby came first in the Best Kept Village competition (small village category).

Thank you everyone for your pretty gardens and for keeping Worlaby litter-free.

March 2014 – The Green Team members, along with the Chairman of the Parish Council, hard at work clearing the path and the playground of leaves.

The J.W. Club

The J.W. Night is a social night out for everyone and is at Worlaby Village Hall on the LAST FRIDAY of every month (except December when the J.W. people will be hosting a New Year’s Eve party in the Village Hall).

We put out various games such as cards, dominos, darts, a pool table, a giant Jenga and lots more. Some people bring their own games like Scrabble and find others to play with!

There is NO admission charge and we provide complimentary tea, coffee and biscuits! However, if you like something a little stronger please feel free to bring your own.

You can come with friends or by yourself. It really doesn’t matter as there is always space to sit with others or a card school wanting more players. It is guaranteed you will be made very welcome and have plenty of people to talk to.

As we have to pay our way, we do need to raise a little bit for the hire of the hall and other items so we try and have a little fun thing every time that won’t break the bank! We have had prize bingo, name game cards where you could win £30! Raffles and various other things going on so please don’t come totally empty handed.

There is a free prize draw every month but you must be there to win it otherwise it is drawn again.

The main aim of the J.W. Night is to get back to the basics of what we would like village life to be! You wouldn’t believe how many people have got together and helped each other but mainly, had a good laugh. It’s lovely to be part of it!

Forth coming events at the J.W are as follows:-

We would love to hear suggestions for other J.W. Nights so we put out a suggestion box for you to put in your ideas.

Contact Pam or Richard on 01652 618832 for further details.

Worlaby Early Starters Toddler Group
£1.50 up to 12 months and £2.50 from 12 months to school age.

Come and have a cuppa and toast while your little ones play!

Snack for the children as usual.


Worlaby Early Starters Toddler Group Past Events Opens in a new window

Multi-Use Games Area (MUGA)

A valuable asset for our village for the use of everyone.

Booking Tennis

Anyone wanting to play tennis can obtain a key for the garage to access the tennis nets for a refundable deposit of £5. The key can be retained by the hirer until they no longer need it. Contact Susan Porter.

Guidelines for the use of the MUGA

Rules and Code of Conduct

We want everyone of all ages, to be able to enjoy using the Games Area. We are incredibly lucky to have this facility, it is open to all and unlocked. There will be a diarised weekly booking slot for users which will be displayed on the notice board near to the MUGA entrance. We do ask if you are using the facilities you are required to vacate if a timed slot comes up. We ask you to help us look after the MUGA so that everyone can continue to enjoy using it for years to come.

  • All members and Club Leaders must sign the Rules and Code of Conduct prior to hire of the pitch. Parents/Guardians of under 16’s must sign on their behalf.
  • Bookings (per session) are for 55 minutes finishing 5 minutes before the hour.
  • The Club Leader/parent/guardian is responsible for the conduct of his/her members or players and must ensure proper use of the facility by all users.
  • Players will not intentionally damage the Games Area in any way.
  • No form of vehicle, bicycle, roller skates etc. is allowed on the facility.
  • It is the responsibility of all players to ensure that they are equipped with soft shoes (trainers, tennis shoes or plimsolls, no black soles) for playing on the artificial surface.
  • Footwear must be clean prior to entering the Games Area.
  • Spectators are requested to also wear appropriate footwear if entering the Games Area.
  • Boots with steel studs and/or blades are strictly prohibited.
  • Food and chewing gum are strictly prohibited on the Games Area. Drinks may only be used in personal, re-usable plastic sports water bottles. Strictly no glass to be brought onto the Games Area.
  • The Games Area is a no smoking area.
  • Dogs or animals are not allowed in the Games Area.
  • Please remove all litter when leaving and place in the bin provided.
  • Anyone using the Games Area or surrounding areas do so at their own risk, liability will not be accepted for personal injury or the loss or damage of valuables.
  • It is strictly forbidden to sub-let the facility.
  • The MUGA may be closed at the discretion of the Committee and for maintenance.
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