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Neighbourhood Plan – Worlaby

Last consultation January 2018.

Following the results of the leaflet in November, we finalised the Vision and Objectives that will form the backbone of the Neighbourhood Plan.

The consultation in January 2018 asked if you agreed with them. A quarter of all households returned the leaflet and gave them a ‘thumbs up’. The results of the survey can be downloaded from the link below, along with your comments.

Thanks for all your support. The next step for the Neighbourhood Plan working group is to write out in detail what we would like the Neighbourhood Plan to include and then work with experts to convert this into a full blown legal document which you, the residents will have the chance to review and comment on. This is a major task for a small village like Worlaby and will probably take most of the rest of the year to complete.

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March 2018

Strategic Environmental Assessment Screening Opinion

A Strategic Environmental Assessment (SEA) is required under European legislation for all plans that could have a significant effect on the environment. This particularly relates to, for example, a Neighbourhood Plan produced by a town or parish council. The purpose of SEA is to provide a high level of protection of the environment and to integrate considerations of the environment into the preparation and adoption of plans with a view to promoting sustainable development.

The Screening Opinion concludes that a Strategic Environmental Assessment is required to provide evidence and justification that the Neighbourhood Plan has evolved with sustainability at the forefront of its preparation. It also concludes that a Habitats Regulations Assessment is not required as the Plan is not likely to result in significant impacts on internationally designated wildlife sites.

The SEA for the Worlaby Neighbourhood Plan will be developed in conjunction with North Lincolnshire Council.

The Screening Opinion can be downloaded here: Opens in a new window

Neighbourhood Plan November 2017

Many of you completed and returned the leaflet in November asking if you agreed with our list of priorities for the Neighbourhood Plan, based on your responses to previous consultations.

Our thanks for this – you can view the results below, including all your comments and the response to them from the Neighbourhood Plan group and the Parish Council.

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Watch out for the final leaflet in the New Year which will give a full list of the objectives we will attempt to achieve in the Neighbourhood Plan and our suggestion for a Vision of the village for the future.

Best wishes for Christmas and the New Year.

Your Views, Your Plan – July 2017

Worlaby Visioning Day

Most people in Worlaby had no idea what a Visioning Day was, but we all found out on 1st July when over 50 people spent time in the village hall to discuss future planning issues for the Parish.

Refreshments were on hand, balloons were waved, a video was shown of the progress of a Neighbourhood Plan and, of course, there were the usual displays.

But this time there was a difference – the displays displayed very little. This time it was up to residents to provide the information. And they did. 139 comments were posted on the boards with subjects ranging from where trees should be planted to how to slow down traffic; from uses for the Chapel on Main Street (including a swimming pool) to the need for allotments. The new signs at the entrance to the village attracted many positive comments.

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In June we submitted an application for a Government grant to pay for professional advice on the Neighbourhood Plan. We are pleased to report that we have been awarded the full amount we requested and will be pushing ahead with the next phase of the Plan over the coming months.

Thanks to everyone who helped with the Visioning Day and to all the residents who responded to this and previous consultations. Without your views there would be no Plan.

Neighbourhood Plan Survey March 2017

Here’s what you said…

The full results of the survey, including all your comments, can be viewed and downloaded via the link at the end of this article.

Not surprisingly for a rural community, most respondents were keen to protect green open spaces and keeping open the public rights of way that allow residents and others to access the countryside.

When asked about housing, the majority view was that, if any houses were built there should be a mix of types with the emphasis on 2 and 3 bedroom homes, retirement housing and bungalows.

Also supported were the ideas that we should protect the green space between the Low Villages and that Worlaby needs a shop.

A summary of the results is here. Opens in a new window

And the full survey with all your comments can be viewed and downloaded here. Opens in a new window

March 2017 – Everyone a winner!

The whole community gained when the returns for the Neighbourhood Plan survey were counted in early March. By the close-off date we had received 116 completed forms – that’s over 50% of the forms delivered and they still keep coming in.

It will take some time to analyse such a large amount of information but in the meantime, let’s report on the important event – the Prize Draw.

At the Parish Council meeting on 14 March Cllr Rob Waltham drew the winning ticket, and the winner is… Colin Kay who lives on Main Street. Congratulations to Colin, who says this is the first time he has ever won anything!

A response of over 50% really is remarkable for this kind of survey and we should all be proud to part of such an active community.

The full results of the survey will be available on this web page in a few weeks’ time.

February 2017 Household Survey

The survey was distributed on 24 – 26 February to all households in the parish. It is expected that most completed forms will be returned by 12 March when the prize draw will close. The draw will take place at the Parish Council meeting on 14 March. The results of the draw and the survey will be published here on the Parish Council website as soon as they are available.

Our thanks to everyone who takes part.

Results from the recent Consultation event held on November 16th 2016.

Neighbourhood Plan consultation a great success.

Wednesday 16th November 2016 saw the Worlaby Neighbourhood Plan take another step forward. Residents crowded into the Village Hall to take part in the first Neighbourhood Plan consultation evening where they could leave feedback on the future of the village. Or was it the wine provided for the Tesco wine appreciation that brought them in?? We may never know.

After a short talk by Dave Lofts from North Lincolnshire Planning, the room buzzed with lively discussion as residents set out their views on the future of the village. Then it was time for the wine appreciation session provided by Tesco and led by their customer manager, Craig Nicholls. As well as describing the wines, Craig gave us inside information on upcoming price reductions at Tesco for Christmas. White wines, rose wine and red wines were shared at each table and not much was left at the end of the evening. A great time was had by all.

Our thanks to Dave Lofts for his assistance, to Tony Hayes for making the arrangements with Tesco and to everyone who attended the evening.

The results of the consultation are available here:

Report: Results Text Website 16 November 2016 Opens in a new window

Summary: Results Summary Website 16_November 2016 Opens in a new window

Full results: Results DISTRIBUTION 16 November 2016 Opens in a new window

All residents will have the opportunity to influence the Neighbourhood Plan when a survey is circulated to every household in the village in the New Year. A prize draw is promised – look out for details!

Worlaby Neighbourhood Plan passes first hurdle!

Many thanks to Judith Drane and all those who distributed the July questionnaire, and thanks to all those who completed it. Here are some of the headline results:

  • 91.2% of respondents said the physical environment was Good or Excellent; No one said Poor or Very Poor.
  • Over 88% of respondents also felt that the sense of community in Worlaby is Strong or Very strong.
  • The most appreciated things about the village were: Flower beds & green spaces, access to the countryside and how quiet it is.
  • Many people were concerned about dog fouling.
  • When asked for the three best things about Worlaby by far the most appreciated was good community spirit & friendly people; the next best thing was the village hall.
  • The two facilities most used by respondents are the Village Hall and the Hollows.
  • The two most missed facilities are a convenience store/shop and a pub. People also wanted a meeting point/café.
  • Not surprisingly, all respondents said they travel by car, but almost 30% also walk and 23% cycle.
  • The two things that most respondents would change is to put play equipment for older children on the recreation ground and to provide a café/shop/pub for the village.
  • What should be the main priority of the Neighbourhood Plan? Well, according to the questionnaire this is to foster community spirit and provide youth club facilities in the village hall.

A Neighbourhood Plan is a complex document and will take time to complete, but we must always remember that it is all about ensuring that the future shape of the village reflects what residents have said they would like to see. So the more information we receive the more accurate the plan will be. There will be many opportunities to express your views over the coming months and, of course, the plan itself will be put to a referendum of all the electors in the parish before it is finally considered for acceptance.
The next step for the working group is to produce a Community Profile. This is a statement of the social and economic aspects of the village and the surrounding area and its history. From this we will try to identify trends and potential issues for the future. This will be a public document, open for discussion and consultation.

If you have any questions about the Neighbourhood Plan, please contact us by email: or drop a note to Deb Hotson 79 Top Road.

The full results of the July 2015 survey can be viewed here. Opens in a new window

Thank you for your support.

Worlaby launches Neighbourhood Plan!

At the Parish Council meeting in June it was unanimously agreed to start the process of producing a neighbourhood plan for Worlaby. This follows a successful application in 2014 to register Worlaby parish as a ‘Neighbourhood Area’.

The first step is to find out what residents and others think about their village and its surroundings. A questionnaire will be circulated in July to do just that, so please watch out for it. Every completed questionnaire adds to the accuracy of the plan, which will influence the shape of the village for at least the next 10 years.

Instructions for returning the form and obtaining extra ones will be printed on the form.

This is your chance to shape the future of Worlaby – make your views count.

A Guide to a Neighbourhood Plan for Worlaby

The Planning System is changing. Under the new Localism Bill people are being encouraged to become more involved in deciding how their own communities should change and grow for the future.

The Parish Councils of South Ferriby, Saxby All Saints, Bonby, Worlaby and Elsham have all decided to pursue the idea of preparing their own Neighbourhood Plans in order to have a greater say on planning applications in their area.

A Neighbourhood Plan is a new type of plan which focuses on a local area rather than North Lincolnshire as a whole.

As a first step, a questionnaire has been distributed in Worlaby along with the July edition of the Low Villages Newsletter requesting views and comments on the village as it is now. This will be followed by further consultation on how the village might look in 10 – 15 years’ time. In order to assist in drawing up the Neighbourhood Plan, it is hoped that residents will participate fully in the survey. Forms are returnable to the Parish Clerk.

Neighbourhood Planning is about letting local people care and plan for an area. It is led by the residential and business communities, not North Lincolnshire Council. Neighbourhood Planning enables communities to play a much stronger role in shaping the areas in which they live and work and in supporting new development proposals.

This is because a Neighbourhood Plan forms part of the development plan and sits alongside the Local Plan prepared by the local planning authority. Decisions on planning applications have to take account of a Neighbourhood Plan once it is adopted.

What are the benefits of producing a Neighbourhood Plan?

A Neighbourhood Plan can guide the type of development that takes place and where it is located. Neighbourhood Plans establish a vision for the area, include planning policies for the development and use of land in a neighbourhood and they can allocate sites for development.

A Neighbour Plan can also be used to preserve and protect areas from inappropriate development, but it cannot reduce the level of development included in the Local Plan, it can only influence the type of development and where it is located.

When adopted, a Neighbourhood Plan is a statutory planning document and will have significant weight in making decisions on planning applications. Developing a Neighbourhood Plan can have a number of benefits – it can help your community play a greater role in shaping the future of your area and, in actually doing the work, it can bring together residents, local groups, landowners and developers together to share ideas and build consensus on what is needed in the area and it can help create lasting partnerships both within and outside of your community.

Preparing a Neighbourhood Plan

There are a number of steps to preparing a Neighbourhood Plan. Steps 4, 5, 6 and 7 are obligatory and cannot be omitted if you want to adopt the plan.

Step 1: Designating the Neighbourhood Area
Step 2: Preparing a draft Neighbourhood Plan
Step 3: Pre-submission publicity & consultation
Step 4: Submission of a Neighbourhood Plan proposal to the local authority
Step 5: Independent Examination
Step 6: Referendum
Step 7: Adopting the Neighbourhood Plan (bringing it into force)

How long does it take?

Typically the process of preparing a Neighbourhood Plan can take a minimum of 18-24 months to complete.

However, depending on the level of issues and community involvement, a Neighbourhood Plan could take longer to adopt. North Lincolnshire Council is very supportive of Parish Councils who seek to prepare a Neighbourhood Plan and will provide an appropriate level of technical advice and practical support.

This article is based on the July 2015 edition of the Low Villages Newsletter. Opens in a new window

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